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Kesslak Agency Inc. has been serving the residents and businesses of Cambria, Somerset, Indiana, and Bedford Counties since 1984. Our offices are now located on Eisenhower Blvd in Richland Township, PA with general office hours from 8-4:30. We totally understand that people’s schedules are not always the same as ours. We gladly take appointments and payments in evenings and weekends, if that works better for the customer.
Just how do you know when you’re getting a great deal on insurance? For some people, it’s just a matter of getting lower premiums than a friend or colleague pays. But as anyone knows who has had to turn to their policy to help them make things whole after a car accident, household fire, or mishap on their property — there’s insurance … and then there’s the right insurance.
Protecting yourself, your family, and your assets requires planning, foresight, and a comprehensive strategy that takes into account your exposures based on who you are, what you do, and what you own. When you partner with an insurance agent at Kesslak Agency Inc., he or she will assess your risks, and then present you with an array of coverage options. Along with attentive, confidential service, you’ll receive the expert guidance you need to help select a comprehensive coverage plan that best fits your needs.

What’s more, your Kesslak Agency Inc. plan will be competitively priced and affordable. Also being brokers, we have access to hundreds of different insurance companies providing coverage on a state, regional, and national basis.

Most importantly, you can rely on us to provide expert claims support, guidance, and above all, personal service. You will have a licensed Kesslak Agency Inc. agent and knowledgeable support staff nearby whenever and however you need them. That’s a promise.

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